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My name is Cassandra Hein and I started documenting women being released from prison back in 2013, during my sister’s 10 year prison sentence.  A project called ‘After Orange (The Prison Project)’.  My curiosity led me into a rabbit hole that started with following women as they were released, but this is just the beginning (depending on where you start)...

After following many of these women out, just to see them end back up in prison, I started following the housing problem more closely in Las Vegas. This is when I opened a home for women being released.  I called the house 'After Orange: Halfway Home'.  Only a portion of this footage has been released.

Even though I was not able to keep the home open (since the home was not in the correct 'zone') we were at least able to bring some awareness to the problem...


I have only shared a fraction of the footage I have shot over the past 7 years.  When my sister was released, there was a lot of adjusting to do.  Observing others being released is far from the reality of dealing with, and adjusting to, your own experience with your own loved one coming out of prison.  It comes with a full set of hidden challenges you cannot anticipate.  Eventually, I would like to share the whole story, and ALL MY FOOTAGE, which chronicles the true meaning of forgiveness, transformation and self awareness.   


I continue to support organizations that unify factions of people. 


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